Can you invest in wine?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, you may want to know more than just that.

There are different types of wines and while it is true that all wine bottles can be drunk, there are very specific wines can be good investment assets.

Certain wines are viewed as desirable to collectors and investors for their scarcity or ability to increase in price due to demand. At WiV, we source the best possible wines for investing in high-value assets. These wines can be rare in their production or high in demand due to critical acclaim.

Here are some examples of good investment wines from our collection:

CVNE – Imperial Reserva Magnum – 2011 – Rioja 

Vega Sicilia UNICO – 2010 – Ribera del Duero

Tignanello – Antinori – 2018 – Tuscany

Domaine Cecile Tremblay – 2017 – Burgundy


What are you investing in?

You are investing in real fine wine that WiV has tokenised (digitalised) and created a digital collectible. The wine is coming from credible and vetted producers and wine merchants that are approved by WiV.

Each NFT represents a specific case of wine. You are investing in wine without the hassle of sorting out the wine, checking its provenance, authenticity, storage and delivery. We keep the wine on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about the administrative work.


Where is the wine stored?

It is stored with an approved bonded warehouse in Europe. Depending if it is already a collectible wine that already is in storage or if the wine is still at the Chateau and is up for release it will then be stored under our Custody.


Can you get the wine delivered?

No, the assets are securely stored in a professional warehouse in our custody. It’s important to keep in mind that we offer wine as an investment asset and not as a drinkable product.


You have bought a WIV Token. What now?

You now own the physical case of wine which is securely stored in a professional warehouse in our custody or in our merchant network. Your token represents proof of your ownership of the physical asset (the case of wine). You can build your collection by purchasing more tokens, you can trade these tokens to other collectors and eventually you will be able to request delivery if you wish.