Investing in wine futures

What are wine Futures?



En Primeur, generally referred to as “wine futures”, simply is the process of buying wine while it is still in the barrel.

How it Works

  • Assessment: Initially before anyone can purchase an En Primeur (futures) wine they are assessed and rated by the wine trade and experts.
  • Futures: One can purchase En Primeur selections before they are bottled and released to the market while they are still in Bordeaux.
  • Aging: Wines are typically bottled 18–24 months after release, depending on the estate and length of aging.
  • Bonded Warehouse: The wine will arrive in WiV’s bonded warehouse where the wine will be stored for all of our clients and can be traded on our platform as a digital asset.

Benefits of investing in En Primeur Wine

  • Lowest price — Chance for investors to get involved at the lowest market offer price.
  • Youngest age –The wines are at their youngest age, with the maximum period for maturity and potential growth in value.

So why should you invest in En Primeur Wines

En Primeur wine purchases allow investors to purchase wines before they are bottled as they are virtually always cheaper than the price of the wine when it is bottled. This increases returns and allows investors to get into products early that they might eventually be priced out of.

With the high demand for certain vintages after getting good scores during the tasting period, prices of En Primeur wines can increase rapidly, sometimes even double within a matter of weeks.

Scarcity is always an issue in the wine world and there is no better way to protect oneself from missing out, than getting in early. En Primeur purchasing is a way to secure wines that are difficult to obtain and highly sought after once physical.


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