Polygon NFT asset migration

Dear WiV Community, 

Today we are excited to announce our migration over to the Polygon blockchain for all of our wine backed assets. 

What this means for our current owners:

  1. You will be airdropped a brand new polygon wine NFT that represents your real world wine in our storage
  2. Your older NFT can be held as a relic that will be used to reward early adopters in the future
  3. Your original NFT will NOT be worth the value of the wine anymore but will have other utilities in the future
  4. Your polygon NFT will now be your investment wine… I hope you like the new artwork!


The reason we are doing this is to take advantage of the many benefits of being on the Polygon blockchain. We have come to this decision through much research and many conversations. 

We believe that Polygon brings many benefits such as:

  • Low carbon emissions and environmental friendly blockchain
  • A cheap transactional environment
  • A ready to build ecosystem
  • A pristine blockchain built on top of Ethereum as the transaction layer to the most secure and popular blockchain
  • An efficient and diverse platform to build our Defi and metaverse projects in a compatible way with our NFTs


Finally, we are excited to announce the release of our first product in the WiV Wine Ecosystem called the Digital Wine Cellar, a place for investors to assess their wine assets and monitor its returns. The Digital Wine Cellar will showcase the metadata of all WiV assets but will only be cooperative with Polygon Assets, at least at first…

Welcome to the first of many WiV Products, we are excited to have you along for the ride.