The Wineverse is here for good

Ok, I know. Now that we are all starting to feel slightly more comfortable with words such as “cryptocurrency”, “NFTs” and “blockchain”, the big next thing comes up. And just like that, now everybody is talking about the Metaverse. It is really tricky to catch up for just mere wine geeks like us, but Hey! Here’s a quick note you’ll later thank: get used to the word Wineverse; it is definitely here for good.

What is the Wineverse?

In rather simple words, the Metaverse is a collective virtual open space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical and digital reality. It is physically persistent and provides enhanced immersive experiences. Although it is in its baby stages, it is expected that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping, education, social media and/or entertainment.

It will eventually enable activities in isolated environments (buying digital land, participating in a virtual social experience, etc.) to take place digitally. Although the adoption of Metaverse technologies is still early, business leaders are investing in developing multiple technologies.

In the words of Tommy Nordam Jensen, CEO of WIV, “Technology is full of buzz-words, the vast majority of which can be safely ignored by virtually everyone that isn’t directly involved with the specific part of whichever industry that’s proudly using the jargon. From the wine perspective, though, the Metaverse may be worth learning a bit about. “

What can we exactly expect from the Metaverse in the future?

If patient, the Metaverse, sooner than later, hold the potential to deliver the following to the wine industry:

  • Taking part in virtual social experiences like winetastings, masterclasses, and portfolio releases.
  • Purchasing products via virtual shopping, with immersive
  • Engaging in immersive learning in virtual classrooms: step your virtual feet in your favourite vineyard and learn straight from the key person.
  • Buy NFTs
  • Interacting with the trade: experience digital humans for onboarding employees, customer service, sales and other business interactions.

“In some ways, this simply sounds like the next iteration of the kind of virtual realities that have been talked about for 40 years. But the pandemic might become the catalyst of a long-term change in the way that we interact.” Tommy Nordam Hensen

Gaming in the Wineverse

Can you imagine how cool I’d be to get yourself to taste wine in the Metaverse? Can you even picture how it’d look like to make wine in your coffee break?

Through its soon-to-be-delivered Sandbox game, WIV technology is poised to redefine the global wine industry on a never imagined scale. Their sandbox approach to revolutionizing the industry allows pretty much everyone to learn the ropes of winemaking, distribution channels, and supply chain through their avatars in the Metaverse. Answer quizzes, play around with climatic variables and get your winemaker hat on for clever decision making. All that, while having tons of fun.

Written by Flor Gomes


It is a lot to keep up I know- but stay tuned to learn more about these fascinating technologies that will shape the future of the wine industry!

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