WIVA Community

The World's first Decentralized Global Wine Community.

  • The WIVA coin is an invitation to join our digital wine community.
  • Ownership and staking of WIVA will provide both monetary and utility benefits.
  • Holders will earn financial rewards and have access to a first-class wine/DeFi education, receive industry insights, enjoy access to exclusive wine events and be able to participate in governing of our entire wine community.
  • Our governance and community happens on discord.

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Introducing $WIVA: The Digital Wine Community Token

Wine has been one of the highest performing traditional assets of the last 20 years, but very few people have access, knowledge, or wealth to invest in this exceptionally stable, tangible, and historic asset…

Our ambitions for Discord

Our ambition is simple: to deliver and curate a fun, inclusive, engaging, educational, and flexible space on Discord. We want to create a place where we can trust each other, make decisions about the future of the WiV community as a group