WiVX offers you the chance to own a fraction of an investable wine

Why join WiVX?

Despite the attractive returns, wine investing can be a complex and expensive business. WiVX is an opportunity to invest in a token that is backed by physical investible wines


What is WIVX?

  • WIVX is a decentralized reserve token protocol that exists within the WIVA ecosystem.
  • WIVX acts as an appreciating stable currency backed by a curated wine treasury, offering investors a chance to own a fraction of investment-grade wine assets.
  • The protocol will also accept wine as collateral and lend out WIVX tokens to those collateral providers. Offering the first wine lending platform.


Participating in WIVX?

Own WIVA: WIVA holders will govern the WIVX protocol and be rewarded through staking and earning protocol revenues extract from the WIVA treasury.

Own WiV wine NFT: WiV wine NFT owners can deposit their wine NFTs into WIVX as collateral and take out a loan on their wine.

Own WIVX tokens independently: WIVX tokens on their own will steadily appreciate over time as the value of the underlying assets appreciates. As the value in the WIVX treasury increases vs the outstanding tokens, WIVX tokens will also appreciate.

Highly Accessible

Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, WiVX can easily be moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7.


All WiVX assets are transparent on the blockchain and the physical assets will be independently audited each quarter.


We’ve made sure it’s easy to convert, trade or redeem WiVX for stable-coins or other crypto assets on popular crypto exchanges. Use WiVX wherever ERC-20 tokens are supported.

Low Fees

WiVX has an extremely competitive fee structure for the operations behind the underlying assets. As with other ERC-20 tokens, nominal Ethereum gas fees apply for on-chain transactions.


Fully backed by real world assets, WiVX offers a safe foundation for the crypto and the wine industries to build on.

Wine Returns vs Alternatives