WiV offers an efficient, safe way to collect fine wine

Showcase your digital wine collection anywhere, protect your bottles in the real world and find new wines to appreciate

As a WiV Collector you will get:

Access to a borderless, fraud-proof trading universe

The opportunity to showcase your digital wine cellar.

Enhanced liquidity through DeFi and other novel WiV offerings.

Wine Community

Join the WiV Wine Community

WiV offers exclusive a membership to a global wine community that enjoys privileged industry access, enhanced investment alpha, perks, and a range of unique opportunities. 

Virtual Wine Cellar

The Virtual Wine Cellar

Our virtual wine cellar will allow WiV collectors to view, analyse and curate their wine NFTs directly on our website.


Wine Financing

Financing collateralized by your wine collection

Wine has not tended to be treated as a financial asset making it difficult for collectors to borrow against its value. Data over the last twenty years shows that wine has outperformed virtually every comparable market, whether its antiques or foreign exchange, government bonds or fine art. We believe fine wine should be recognised as a store of value and that collectors should have the opportunity to obtain financing based on their wine assets.

We are developing three ways for collectors to enhance their collections:

Wine Liquidity Solution

Withdraw liquidity on your wine assets.

Winebank yield deposits

Earn a yield on wine NFTs deposited into our custody.

Permissionless Collateralized NFT loans

Take out a loan using your wine assets as collateral.