WiV removes the barriers to the fine wine market

We don’t think it’s right that investors should miss out on the opportunities that the fine wine sector offers.

Zero-Commission, Transparent Wine Investing

Wine has been one of the best performing asset markets for decades.

WiV is offering a plethora of additional opportunities to generate yield in addition to wine’s already lucrative returns

We do this by:

• Offering fast, transparent, low-cost wine trading alternatives through in-house storage and provenance solutions.

• Creating financial derivatives such as wine NFT yield offerings, permission-less lending solutions, liquidity providing, decentralized wine fund token, and much more to come.

• Offering complete access to any type of wine investment without intermediaries.

Portfolio Metrics and Analytics

The best online digital wine investing interface.

Coming Soon.


WiVX Fund

WiVX is the world’s first decentralized wine fund, offering exceptional returns and a diversified asset to investors.

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